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      Britannica Presents 100 Women Trailblazers

      Defiant. Bold. Risk Takers.

      From a teenager who won a war to the “Mother of the Atomic Bomb” who advocated for peace, these 100 trailblazing women have left their indelible mark on the world. Britannica tells their remarkable stories in a way that only we can—with fact-driven and engaging content. Read articles about the trailblazers, scroll through timelines of women’s achievements, view videos, test your knowledge in quizzes, and discover the key issues.

      Meet the Women

      • Artists

        From a convention-defying architect to an era-defining photographer, discover the women who made their mark on the art world.

      • Athletes

        The weaker sex? Not these female athletes who broke barriers, records, and quite a few stereotypes.

      • Discoverers

        Learn about the astronomers, explorers, and scientists who made groundbreaking discoveries on Earth and in the skies.

      • Leaders

        An Iron Lady, a lady turned princess, and three first ladies. Meet the women who refused to follow anyone.

      • Performers

        Before Madonna, there was the original “Queen of the Pose,” Sarah Bernhardt. Learn how these entertainers and others captivated audiences around the globe.

      • Visionaries

        Whether driven by spiritual conviction or gender inequality, these activists and religious figures envisioned a different world.

      • Writers

        From the first novelist to the first billionaire author, learn about the women who rewrote literary history.

      Key Issues

      Women’s Suffrage

      Learn how women won the right to vote and why the fight continues.

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      Key Issues

      Women’s Rights Movement

      Discover the reformers and revolutionaries who sought equal rights and opportunities for women.

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      Key Issues


      When was the Me Too Movement launched? Learn this answer and more.

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      Key Issues

      National Organization for Women

      Read about the largest feminist group in the United States.

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      Key Issues

      Gender Equality

      Learn what activists have spent centuries fighting to achieve.

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      Key Issues

      Women’s March

      Uncover the facts about this history-making demonstration.

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      Key Issues

      Women in Science

      Only 19 women have won Nobel Prizes for science. Discover some of the unheralded women in the laboratories.

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      Explore Five Landmark Supreme Court Cases

      The fight for equal rights in the U.S. has often played out in the legal system. As a result, the Supreme Court has had a tremendous impact on women’s lives. In one of its first decisions concerning sex discrimination, the Court ruled in Bradwell v. Illinois (1873) that a state may bar women from practicing law. In the ensuing years the Court has issued numerous rulings that have both advanced and hindered women’s rights.