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      From 1969 to 2019 to beyond

      Fifty years ago, the world watched in wonder as the Apollo 11 astronauts became the first humans to set foot on another world. To mark the anniversary of humanity’s first steps on the Moon, Encyclopaedia Britannica will start a yearlong journey to examine our past, present, and future in space.

      Our mission is to feed the world’s curiosity about space.

      We know that what we know may only be the tip of the iceberg. We know that there’s so much more to explore. What lies in space, and why are we so fascinated with it? What can it teach us? Who has the right to explore space? Will private money outspend public money? Will the nations of the world be able to coexist peacefully in space?

      From the race to the Moon to space stewardship…

      We explore subjects ranging from whether space tourism will become widespread to how spaceflight will be a part of the global economy in the mid-21st century. With the help of our readers, we’ll answer why space interests us so much. What is our fascination with space? Is space a global story of human frontiers? What potential does space hold? Is our future, and maybe even our survival, truly out there? These are some of the questions that will drive SpaceNext50 over the next year.

      Space Race

      Space Business

      Space Prediction

      Space Stewardship

      Space Race: Old and New

      What propelled us to look to the Moon? What ignited the inspiration and the dream? What helped us to mobilize in the space race?

      saturn is a planet

      Featured Quiz

      Planets and the Earth’s Moon Quiz

      What’s the relationship between distant planets and supposed extraterrestrial life? What is our solar system’s hottest planet? Strap on your thinking caps—and seat belts—and test your astronomy knowledge in this quiz.

      Test Your Knowledge
      satellite traveling through space

      Featured Quiz

      Space Travel: Fact or Fiction?

      Was Mariner 1 the first spacecraft to photograph Earth from the Moon? From space shuttles to space stations, navigate the outer limits in this quiz.

      Test your knowledge
      the sun is actually a star

      Featured Quiz

      Brightest Star in the Solar System Quiz

      This giant ball of energy regulates our perspective of time, but how much do you really know about the Sun? Turn on your mental lightbulbs and find out in this quiz.

      Test your knowledge

      Did You Know?


      Space starts 62 miles (100 km) above Earth.


      Countries planning to send missions to the Moon


      People in space right now


      Orbiters and rovers currently working around and on Mars